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About my Art

Sjoerd Smit digital artist

I am Sjoerd Smit, a digital artist and graphic designer from he Netherlands. I like to work in a variety of styles and I often try out many different techniques. It not only keepme from gettting bored, but it also lets me explore the vast digital art landscape. 

From realistic to abstract, my artwork is always vivid and intense and
is often a fusion between contemporary realism and abstraction.


I was born in The Netherlands where I work as a graphic designer, art director and digital Artist. 
Graphic design stood at the base of my passion for digital art. As a graphic designer I follow some of the same basic principles that apply to traditional art and photography.

From this passion I started to create my own art using digital technology as my main tool.
Manipulating and altering photographs for friends and family was a first way to explore different digital techniques and to eventually develop my own signature art style. My art is ever evolving, so come back every now and then to see my latest work.

Custom Car Art

Custom Car & Motorcycle Art

I very much enjoy making personalized car and motorcycle art.

These digital 'splash style' paintings are a unique and personal gift for any car or motorcycle enthousiast.

I usually start with a good photograph of a vehicle as a reference. Then I start adding colors, textures and superimposed splashes of paint to create a sense of abstraction. These seemingly simple splashes of 'digital paint' can transform your car or motorcycle into a unique work of art.


Order a custom made artwork

Imagine your car or motorcycle as the primary focus of a custom made, timeless work of art that will capture
the essence of your machine.

Each custom artwork starts with good, high resolution reference photos of your car or motorcycle.

If needed, I can help guide you with taking the best possible digital images of your vehicle.

I will then create a high quality piece of art based on your photos, without any distractions, just your vehicle carefully accentuated by colorful textures and random paint splatters.

You will receive a bespoke, one-of-a-kind piece of art with an eye for the color and design of your treasured car

or motorcycle.

Your custom made artwork will be printed on premium quality matt, acid-free paper or stretched canvas.

Pigment based inks will guarantee an archival quality and fade resistant Fine Art Print that will last a lifetime.

All my custom made Car and Motorcycle art is created in high resolution to produce premium quality and richly detailed Fine Art Prints.

If you are interested in a custom made Art Print of your car or motorcycle please fill out the form below.

I will get back to you with a personalized offer with all the details for your custom artwork, including delivery.

I am interested in a custom made Art Print


Thanks for submitting!

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All images, on this website are copyrighted material and all rights are reserved.

You can publish my art on your blog, website and social media, but only if you add credits and link back to this site.

You are not allowed to use my artwork commercially without my explicit permission.

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You want a custom made artwork?

I am available for worldwide commissioned projects.
If you have an idea for an artwork or have questions about custom commissions or want more information
about my work, feel free to
drop me a line
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