Photography Tips

Make the best shots for Car & Motorcycle Art

Tip 1

Shooting at full resolution

  • If you're using DSLR-camera,  an iPhone or Android phone, check your camera app settings before you start.

  • Make sure the camera is set at the highest resolution possible.

Unsharp:low-Res Image
Sharp: High-res Image

Tip 2

Correct lighting and background conditions

  • Have enough lighting to see the details of you car or motorcycle. Remember, daylight is your friend!

  • Keep the background of your photo as uniform as possible. Less distraction in the background is better.

Car in Low Lighting
Car in Correct Lighting

Tip 3

Composition & reflections

  • Make sure your car or motorcycle is in plain view. Do not shoot half of a vehicle.

  • Check for reflections on your vehicle. Less reflections give better results.

Bike cropped
Bike in Plain View

Tip 4

Driving shots

  • Driving shots can be really cool, but make sure your car or motorcycle remains in focus.

  • Do not let objects block your vehicle.

Car - Too-much-distraction

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